Album: Jan 2008: South Island - Nelson to Dunedin

2008.01.20 05:05

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2007.12.01 10:29
Fiona enjoys a ride in a rocket ship.

2007.12.01 10:57
We stopped off at a little town called Kawerau on the way to Whakatane. Little did we know that they were having a Christmas festival that day. What fun!

2007.12.01 10:58
Madeleine has a few bounces in the bouncy castle.

2007.12.01 10:59
Fiona jumps like crazy.

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2007.12.01 10:59
Here's Madeleine sliding on the bouncy castle.

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2007.12.01 11:01
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!

2007.12.01 14:16
Fiona and Heather on our hike to the beach.

2007.12.01 14:18
While in Whakatane we went to the beach at Ohope and took a hike on the Kohi Point Walkway. The view down the beach was awesome.

2007.12.01 14:29
Here's everone on the way to the rocky cove.

2007.12.01 14:42
It was low tide and there was lots of exposed rock.

2007.12.01 14:42
We made it to the cove. The water was cold but what a beautiful setting.

2007.12.01 14:48
So cute!

2007.12.01 14:57
The happy family.

2007.12.01 14:57
One part of the beach was all seashell fragments, worn smooth by the motion of the waves. So nice to walk on!

2007.12.01 15:00
Heather's scrambling on the rocks at the rocky cove.

2007.12.01 15:00
Like my bikini?

2007.12.01 15:01
Now those are some cute legs.

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2007.12.01 15:03
Panning around the rocks.

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2007.12.01 15:23
Nancy and Madeleine enjoy the waves.

2007.12.01 15:45
Miles and miles of visibility on a beautiful day.

2007.12.01 15:45
The girls are enjoying the view.

2007.12.01 16:00
There were thousands of clams washed up on the shore. Shorebirds had gotten to most of them already and they were picked clean. are these contaminated or edible
    (2008.02.16 17:56)

2007.12.01 16:01
More clams. are these contaminated or edible? saw at jones beach, n.y. and someone said you can get hepatitis if you eat. is this true?    (2008.02.16 17:54)

2007.12.02 06:41
Mom and baby protecting their pretty faces from the sun.

2007.12.02 07:14
Madeleine goes for a ride on daddy's shoulders.

2007.12.02 09:17
We go strawberry picking in Whakatane.

2007.12.02 09:17
Fiona's having a great time!

2007.12.02 09:27
Madeleine also finds a yummy blackberry to eat after she eats her way though the strawberry patch.

2007.12.02 09:28
"This looks yummy!"

2007.12.02 09:28
"So delicious, especially when it dribbles down my arm."

2007.12.02 09:28
Look how messy the little monkey got!

2007.12.02 09:49
Kids instinctively know how to find good fruit.

2007.12.02 10:16
Trying to pen up the kids.

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2007.12.05 01:38
In the car on the way back from Whakatane.

2007.12.08 13:06
Madeleine likes to give "mommy's little baby" kisses

2007.12.11 19:49
'Tis the season for yummy strawberry shortcake.

2007.12.11 22:16
Poor mommy is so tired that she fell asleep mid-double-click.

2007.12.12 05:55
Somebody learned how to open and crawl into the entertainment unit drawers.

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2007.12.12 17:14
Playing with the bath bumblebee.

2007.12.12 17:24
The cutie knows her bumblebee toy by name.

2007.12.12 17:24
She loves to play the game of transferring it to daddy by mouth.

2007.12.15 08:32
At the Tamahere market mommy and Madeleine enjoy some fresh blueberry ice cream.

2007.12.16 08:33
Time for blueberry season!

2007.12.16 08:44
Madeleine hides in the shade while we pick berries

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2007.12.16 09:39
Madeleine tramping amongst the blueberry bushes.

2007.12.16 14:54
I leave Madeleine alone for one minute and I come back and find she's crawled all the way into the cabinet. What a cutie.

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2007.12.17 11:06
Bad parents! We torture Madeleine with the Christmas bear that she was afraid of at first.

2007.12.17 12:36
I love my avocado, especially on my face!

2007.12.17 15:53
The cutie snoozing.

2007.12.20 15:06
Madeleine chills out in her own little sofa chair with her snack.

2007.12.21 18:02
Doing a Christmas dance with mommy.

2007.12.21 18:03
And little Santa baby kisses mommy.

2007.12.22 09:27
Madeleine's new jungle gym toy.

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2007.12.22 10:12
Madeleine enjoys her new Christmas present - an outdoor climbing gym.

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2007.12.22 10:24
More fun on the climber.

2007.12.23 10:37
Madeleine's getting "better" at eating with a spoon.

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2007.12.23 10:37
Yet more climbing.

2007.12.23 10:37
Slurp, slurp, yum, yum.

2007.12.23 11:16
Madeleine's new playhouse which is actually the box her jungle gym came in.

2007.12.23 11:19

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2007.12.23 13:16
Yet still more climbing.

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2007.12.24 15:01
Madeleine plays with the water in the tub.

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2007.12.24 16:56
Slipping and sliding in the tub.

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2007.12.24 17:08
Yet more tub play (pointing out body parts).

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2007.12.24 18:04
At the Hamilton Mormon Temple for their special Christmas lights display.

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2007.12.24 18:07
More lights at the Mormon temple.

2007.12.24 18:21
We go check out the lights at Templeview - the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2007.12.24 18:24
The lights were very pretty and the church looked quite grand.

2007.12.24 18:26
In the southern hemisphere, the palm trees are decorated with lights for xmas.

2007.12.24 18:27
What a summery Christmas.

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2007.12.24 18:34
Madeleine runs around at the Mormon temple.

2007.12.24 18:37
The full moon was gorgeous.

2007.12.24 20:48
Our pretty Christmas tree.

2007.12.25 05:26
Christmas morning! Madeleine thinks the ball includes all the wrapping too! How fun!

2007.12.25 05:29

2007.12.25 05:29
Madeleine learning to unwrap gifts.

2007.12.25 05:37
Our neighbor, Lillius's gift to Madeleine.

2007.12.25 05:37
Daddy entertains Madeleine with a new finger puppet.

2007.12.25 05:41
Mommy bought me a book about piggies.

2007.12.25 05:41
Here's another present!

2007.12.25 05:48
Like my tambourine?

2007.12.25 05:49
Madeleine is very happy with her now toys.

2007.12.25 05:49
Mommy and baby play with new toys.

2007.12.25 05:50
Merry Christmas!

2007.12.25 10:44
Here are the Fosters, Ryan, Miriam, and Ava, our friends from Canada.

2007.12.25 10:45
Christmas at the beach is a Kiwi tradition. We picnicked in the trunk since it was raining.

2007.12.25 11:30
Here Madeleine and Nancy are at a beach in Raglan.

2007.12.25 11:31
Madeleine has a blast playing with Ava's beach toys.

2007.12.25 11:31
Even in the rain, lots of people were at the beach.

2007.12.25 14:25
A beautiful rainbow that appeared in our yard.

2007.12.26 02:23
We could see the whole rainbow from our backyard.

2007.12.26 07:11
Check out Madeleine's new xmas boots (actually they're daddy's christmas socks)

2007.12.26 07:12
'Look, the reindeer are wearing a hat and now so am I!'

2007.12.26 07:13
Look how totally cute Madeleine is!

2007.12.26 07:13

2007.12.26 07:13
Madeleine does the Christmas jig with her bear.

2007.12.26 07:13
"Thanks for the hat, grandma!"

2007.12.26 07:13
She's showing off her hat to her xmas bear who she loves now.

2007.12.26 07:14
If Madeleine isn't the perfect advertisement for Christmas, I don't know what is.

2007.12.29 05:33
Happy baby plays in her Christmas gift box, actually those are just the shoe boxes that Jen sent that held Madeleine's gift.

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2007.12.29 07:45
Madeleine says "Hi".

2007.12.29 17:15
This is what dinner time looks at the old homestead.

2007.12.29 17:15
Notice the noodle stuck to her chest.

2007.12.30 10:31
Enjoying a spot of shade on a sunny Hamilton afternoon.

2008.01.04 17:56
We go away for a weekend in New Plymouth and stay in the Copthorne Hotel Grand Central: Hello?!?? Room service?!?? Could I have one bottle of milk with some chocolate cookies?

2008.01.05 08:38
This is Mt. Taranaki in New Plymouth. At the start of our hike, it

2008.01.05 08:57
Nancy would never let a bulging belly get in the way of a good hike.

2008.01.05 09:09
Dawson falls at Mt. Taranaki.

2008.01.05 09:09
Another shot of the falls.

2008.01.05 09:14
The bottom of the falls.

2008.01.05 09:15
Bryan and baby at the falls.

2008.01.05 09:16
What a beautiful setting.

2008.01.05 09:24
Nancy sets the timer and "dashes" up the rocks into frame.

2008.01.05 09:35
The falls from a distance, on the hike on the way out.

2008.01.05 09:55
After our hike the clouds cleared a little bit and Mt. Taranaki came into view.

2008.01.05 09:56
That's just about the tip of the mountain, about 2500 meters high.

2008.01.05 10:27
Mt. Taranaki is a dormant volcano.

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2008.01.05 11:17
Madeleine drinks some water in New Plymouth.

2008.01.05 16:27
In the luxurious spa tub in our hotel room after the hike.

2008.01.05 18:58
That night we attended the 'Festival of lights' in Pukekura Park, which was really awesome with the entire park lit up.

2008.01.05 18:58
It was pitch black except for the colorful lights adorning the trees.

2008.01.05 19:23
We met up with Andy and Kelly, friends of Nancy's from work. Here's Bryan and Madeleine with Andy.

2008.01.05 19:39
You can't see much, but there was a really cool blacklight area.

2008.01.06 08:21
This is the Australian aboriginal art exhibit at the famous Govett-Brewster art gallery New Plymouth, which Madeleine really enjoyed.

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2008.01.07 15:40
Madeleine plays in the dirt in the driveway - such a dirty girl!

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2008.01.09 12:44
Madeleine plays in the hotel room cupboard.

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2008.01.10 17:34
Playing with blocks.

2008.01.11 10:33
Madeleine loves stacking the blocks that she got from Grandma as a xmas gift.

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2008.01.19 21:59
Madeleine in her after-bath full-body toga.

2008.01.20 12:09
Madeleine's already using her to be sibling's things. Here she is sitting in the new baby's carseat.

2008.01.26 13:01
There seems to be some kleenex missing from the box.

2008.01.26 13:01
Look at these boobies!

2008.01.26 16:27
Hi Mommy, look what I can do on the window!

2008.01.26 16:27
hee hee, I can squish my nose

2008.01.26 16:27
That's a cute piggy face.

2008.01.28 10:59
My first pigtails. Aren't I cute?

2008.01.28 10:59
Look at my side profile.

2008.01.28 11:00
And, a full body shot of the pigtails and how cute it makes Madeleine.

2008.01.28 12:59
Madeleine does the pigtail jig on Stephanie's porch.

2008.01.28 12:59
In case you wanted to see the cutie, yet again.

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2008.01.28 12:59
Hey pigtails! Don't cut your finger on that saw ...

2008.01.29 12:22
Grandpa Ischo finds his way to our home to hang out with us in the North Island after his trip in the South Island.

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2008.01.31 16:20
Playing games when bathtime is over.

2008.02.02 09:41
Nancy's very nice co-worker, Tristine, takes Bryan and John out for a day of fishing in Ngongotaha.

2008.02.02 09:41
Lake Rotorua.

2008.02.02 09:46
Father and son, fishing, how wonderful.

2008.02.02 13:40
John enjoys the cool water while waiting for the fish to bite.

2008.02.02 15:22
Bryan catches a big trout.

2008.02.02 16:34
Bryan's big rainbow trout and John's two very hefty brown trout. They were delicious!

2008.02.03 14:08
Madeleine's first pony tail.

2008.02.03 17:25
Her pony tail kind of made her look a bit like Pebbles from the Flintstones

2008.02.06 12:43
Madeleine's first ice-cream cone that we let her hold.

2008.02.06 12:46
Look at the ice-cream dribbling down her hand.

2008.02.06 12:46
Look at her going at the cone.

2008.02.06 12:46
She is so happy!

2008.02.06 12:57
The HUGE bouncy Titanic that looked like a lot of fun for the kids at the Waitangi Day Celebration.

2008.02.06 12:58
Little Madeleine has a rest on the foot of the bouncy dragon.

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2008.02.07 06:58
Madeleine mimicks mommy's morning hair gelling routine.

2008.02.08 13:25
What a cute little baby

2008.02.08 13:49
Check out my new shoes.

2008.02.08 13:50
This isn't our new baby. This is Nancy's sister's new baby, Evan weighing in at 5 pounds 10 ounces, born Friday, February 8, 2008 (PST) at around 10:20 am.

2008.02.09 12:21
Check out Madeleine's cute summer outfit.

2008.02.09 17:33
Now that mommy and daddy cut my bangs, I can more easily see my nose for picking.

2008.02.14 07:09
Daddy likes to put me in a blanket burrito.

2008.02.15 17:09
A little bathtime hair fun

2008.02.15 17:09
A super hair spike

2008.02.15 17:10
We don't know what this was

2008.02.15 17:10
A baby mohawk

2008.02.16 04:48
Sometimes the ducks come to visit us.

2008.02.17 01:09
More pictures of Madeleine's cousin, Evan.

2008.02.17 01:12
Kai and Evan.

2008.02.17 01:14
Wonder what Evan is dreaming about.

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2008.02.18 04:57
Madeleine mimics mommy's morning hair routine.

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2008.02.20 14:14
Putting on mommy's shoes.

2008.02.21 11:47
Aqua baby

2008.02.21 11:47
Having a kid is just endless laughs.

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2008.02.21 12:18
Madeleine acts crazy and does her Samurai foot stomp.

2008.02.21 14:02
Going for a ride in the block holder. This little teeny thing holds just a mere 28 blocks or a 17 month old child.

2008.02.22 07:03
Madeleine in her pretty.

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2008.02.23 07:08
Madeleine says 'poop'. This is basically the day she became nearly entirely potty trained, three days before the arrival of the new baby.

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2008.02.23 15:57
Madeleine says 'seeds'.

2008.02.23 17:57
After her bath, trying to copy mommy's towel turban.

2008.02.23 17:57
Cute baby.

2008.02.23 17:58
Look at those cute chubby cheeks.

2008.02.24 11:37
Madeleine helps make pie crust. Mommy was trying to find things to do while waiting for the baby to come.

2008.02.24 11:37
Look how well she can pat the dough flat

2008.02.24 11:37
There she goes for the rolling pin

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2008.02.24 13:08
A short ride on the block wagon.

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2008.02.25 13:08
Madeleine makes pie crust.

2008.02.26 01:56
After having some cramping through the night while watching 'Music and Lyrics', Nancy's water broke at 4:15 am while she was sneaking into the kitchen for a chocolate croissant. She never made it to the croissant.

2008.02.26 03:00
We get to the hospital by 5 am in time for the real contractions to start. Smiling in between the contractions. The nurse said we might be able to go home until the real labor started, Nancy was skeptical.

2008.02.26 04:17
After 3 pushes, just a few hours of labor, one long 25m walk down a hallway and a few sucks of laughing gas, on February 26, 2008 at 7:15 am New Zealand Time, Graham John Ischo entered this world.

2008.02.26 04:22
There's our little cone-head baby boy.

2008.02.26 04:52
Graham takes his first looks at mom.

2008.02.26 05:02

2008.02.26 05:10
The little guy weighed in at a massive, for Nancy's size, 3.375 kg or 7 pounds 7 ounces.

2008.02.26 05:10
Welcome Graham John Ischo

2008.02.26 05:30
Graham's favorite resting place, already.

2008.02.26 05:30

2008.02.26 05:34

2008.02.26 05:36
Happy mommy and daddy with new baby Graham.

2008.02.26 05:38

2008.02.26 05:39

2008.02.26 05:51
Nancy, Graham and the wonderful midwife Marissa who did an amazing job.

2008.02.26 05:52
Baby's first checkup.

2008.02.26 05:52
Hello world!

2008.02.26 07:28
Graham gets warmed up in his hospital bed.

2008.02.26 07:36
Madeleine comes to the hospital to visit.

2008.02.26 07:39
Madeleine points out Graham's hat.

2008.02.26 12:22
Madeleine loves to point out his different body parts.

2008.02.26 12:22

2008.02.26 12:31
Mommy's two precious babies.

2008.02.26 12:31
Madeleine moves in for a kiss.

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2008.02.26 12:39
Madeleine plays with Graham's hand and hat.

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2008.02.26 17:30
A baby is born.

2008.02.26 18:01
Smart boy finds a toy.

2008.02.26 18:01
Look at him hanging on to the finger!

2008.02.27 12:45
Graham: Hmm...I wonder what's for dinner?

2008.02.27 14:18
Back at home, after a night in the hospital.

2008.02.28 15:39
Baby got crack.

2008.02.28 16:09
Off to school with her lunch bag.

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2008.02.28 16:34
"Who's a monkey?"

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2008.02.29 06:08
Madeleine rides in the laundry basket.

2008.02.29 07:09
Action shot: Madeleine zooms by in her laundry basket/car.

2008.02.29 17:56
Teeny little baby.

2008.02.29 17:57
The proud father.