2006.12.29 04:52
Our house is the second from the bottom house that borders the big grassy area with a white rooftop.

2007.09.21 18:26
Our little babushka

2007.09.25 06:28
What's up mom?

2007.09.25 06:28
I'm a happy baby!

2007.09.25 06:28
Look at my styling outfit!

2007.09.28 17:50
Opening her new presents.

2007.09.28 17:52
Thank you Fran!

2007.09.28 17:52
The shoes fit perfectly.

2007.09.29 11:45
Baby's helping out with the cleaning.

2007.09.29 18:14
Madeleine plays with her first helium balloon.

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2007.09.30 14:31
Madeleine's first birthday cake.

2007.09.30 15:55
Our neighbors Chris and Jonelle buy Madeleine a birthday gift

2007.09.30 15:57
Madeleine is great at tearing gift wrap already.

2007.10.07 09:23
Our neighbors' Eileen and Derek pretty patio with wisteria.

2007.10.07 09:25
Our own pretty wisteria.

2007.10.07 09:26
There's a fond spot in Nancy's heart for wisteria as she remember her sister, Frances, painting them very prettily while NAncy never did quite master the painting of wisteria.

2007.10.07 11:40
Madeleine looking for someone to pass the ball to.

2007.10.07 11:40
And, ready pass. Maybe she'll be a star at playing netball, one of New Zealand's popular girl sports.

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2007.10.08 11:40
Madeleine runs after her purple ball.

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2007.10.09 03:51
Madeleine's usual half asleep state in the morning when she bats her piggy around.

2007.10.13 08:34
Check out my cutie cherry outfit, even the shoes match.

2007.10.13 08:35
What this little one thinking?

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2007.10.13 08:41
Chasing the ducks.

2007.10.13 08:44
These kids play on the black sand beach in Kawhia.

2007.10.13 08:44
It looks like they're rolling in the mud.

2007.10.13 09:49
Bryan and Madeleine at the beach in Kawhia.

2007.10.13 09:50
Another gorgeous beach.

2007.10.13 09:50
With stunning views.

2007.10.13 09:52
Baby's looking quite dwarfed by the scenery.

2007.10.13 09:56
What a little cutie walking in the black sand.

2007.10.13 09:56
She really loved running around in the sand.

2007.10.13 10:01
Someone was leaving really little footprints.

2007.10.13 10:02
our family of footprints.

2007.10.13 10:05
Who's the prettiest little girl.

2007.10.13 10:11
The pretty beach went on for miles.

2007.10.13 10:11
Just breathtaking.

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2007.10.13 10:11
The ocean waves in Kawhia.

2007.10.13 10:19
A cool little jelly fish-like thing.

2007.10.13 10:20
More cool footprints from the jumping man.

2007.10.13 10:22
Our little one needs a nap after a short walk on the beach.

2007.10.14 09:05
See that little bit of lettuce on her lap. Madeleine got a hold of the bag of lettuce while I was driving.

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2007.10.14 15:57
Madeleine plays in her upside down house.

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2007.10.15 11:35
Madeleine learns to click her tongue.

2007.10.19 02:18
Our little big foot. They said the foot was 3.48 cm!

2007.10.19 02:18
Check out the strong legs.

2007.10.19 02:18
Baby #2 at about 20 weeks, what's that between the legs?!?

2007.10.19 02:19
Now that's a cute button nose!

2007.10.19 02:19
Another view of the cute baby.

2007.10.19 02:19
This baby looks like spiderman too.

2007.10.21 09:40
A naked girl does a little weeding.

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2007.10.21 09:40
Naked girl wanders in the backyard.

2007.10.21 09:42
Cutie pie in diapers in the backyard. We have this carpet here so that when she "walks" out the back door it doesn't hurt so much.

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2007.10.23 16:37
The munchichi shows us her dance moves.

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2007.10.23 16:37
Madeleine definitely knows how to say "no."

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2007.10.23 17:40
Madeleine learns how to go to the bathtub when we say it's time for her bath.

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2007.10.23 17:51
Madeleine's bathtime.

2007.10.23 17:53
Enjoying her favorite time of the day.

2007.10.23 17:54
Chilling out on her back in the tub.

2007.10.23 17:54
She's like a mermaid.

2007.10.23 17:56
What's that look for?

2007.10.23 17:56
Give it here mom!

2007.10.24 13:51
Madeleine's ready for her first sailing lesson.

2007.10.24 13:52
Time to feed the little ducks.

2007.10.24 13:53
Here's the whole family of ducks.

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2007.10.24 13:54
Feeding the ducks.

2007.10.24 14:03
There are the pukekos.

2007.10.24 14:14
Getting a fun ride on daddy's shoulders.

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2007.10.25 15:05
Naked baby gets chased by barking mom.

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2007.10.25 18:17
Madeleine laughs as she's chased by a "barking dog".

2007.10.27 11:13
On a weekend trip to Auckland we had dim sum and afterwards wandered over to this horse racing track.

2007.10.27 11:14
It gave Madeleine some practice walking up and down hill.

2007.10.27 11:16
It was a gorgeous day and felt great to be outside.

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2007.10.27 11:16
Running all the way down the hill.

2007.10.27 14:37
Getting settled on the Rydges hotel, our favorite place to stay in Auckland.

2007.10.27 14:37
M can find something to play with anywhere.

2007.10.27 17:06
The phone looks like fun.

2007.10.27 17:07
Hello, hello, could I please order some room service?

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2007.10.29 17:41
Naked baby acting crazy.

2007.10.29 18:10
She loves her bedtime stories.

2007.10.31 05:30
Happy halloween from the little dinosaury thing.

2007.10.31 05:31
Do I have to wear this hat thing?

2007.10.31 05:31
Hey, look at my lizard tongue.

2007.10.31 05:31

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2007.11.01 16:47
Here comes the tickle daddy.

2007.11.07 14:53
Fiona catches the purple ball while Madeleine takes some pointers.

2007.11.07 14:54
The art of sharing the purple ball.

2007.11.08 07:58
Hugs for the cousins.

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2007.11.08 09:33
Throwing the ball back and forth.

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2007.11.08 15:33
F & M in the tub.

2007.11.08 17:09
Bath time!

2007.11.08 17:10
Madeleine and Fiona have a great time bathing.

2007.11.10 10:08
Who invited you?!?

2007.11.11 16:15
Little Miss Sunshine

2007.11.13 10:02
It was a beautiful day for a hike to the top of Mt. Maunganui.

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2007.11.13 11:23
Heather and Fiona creep cautiously up to the waves.

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2007.11.13 11:54
Madeleine plays in the sand as Fiona goes flying by.

2007.11.13 12:19
Girls playing on the Mt. Maunganui beach.

2007.11.13 12:19
More play.

2007.11.13 12:19
On the beach.

2007.11.13 12:35
Collecting seashells.

2007.11.13 12:47
Two cuties pose behind a flower bush.

2007.11.13 15:40
Back in the tub to wash off the day's beach sand.

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2007.11.13 16:42
Madeleine in and out of her favorite chair.

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2007.11.13 22:01
The cutie clicks her tongue.

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2007.11.13 22:08
Rolling around with her chair.

2007.11.14 12:41
On the throne.

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2007.11.15 16:53
Fiona makes Madeleine laugh so hard she falls down.

2007.11.17 13:10
Fiona soup.

2007.11.17 13:32
We're at Hell's Gate thermal area in Rotorua.

2007.11.17 14:06
At the southern hemisphere's largest thermal hot water falls.

2007.11.17 14:16
Fiona poses on top of a carved Maori statue.

2007.11.18 09:20
Frying pan lake at Waimangu thermal area.

2007.11.18 09:32
Waimangu has very strong thermal activity.

2007.11.18 09:32
This is frying pan lake, which is at near boiling temperatures due to geothermal activity.

2007.11.18 09:38
The lake drains into a hot water stream.

2007.11.18 09:46
The stream has deposits of sulphur and other elements.

2007.11.18 09:57
This pool is a brilliant turquoise from suspended particulate matter. Every few days it is subject to an upwelling from hot water springs below.

2007.11.18 09:59
We were lucky to be here just a day or two after an upwelling, which is the only time that the pool isn't a murky grey.

2007.11.18 10:17
This is Lake Tarawera, created by a large volcanic eruption in the late 1800's.

2007.11.18 10:28
It was a hot and sunny day.

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2007.11.18 10:36
A prehistoric pan around at Waimangu

2007.11.18 11:31
A black swan on Lake Tarawera.

2007.11.18 11:49
Mounta Tarawera is in the distance. Its eruption in 1886 destroyed all living things for many miles, and resulted in this beautiful landscape.

2007.11.18 12:29
A mini geyser along the hiking path on the way to Lake Tarawera.

2007.11.20 09:41
Naughty Madeleine!

2007.11.20 09:41
We have to keep the W.C. door closed now.

2007.11.20 10:17
Who's responsible for this mess!??

2007.11.20 10:17
Oh ... of course!

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2007.11.23 05:27
The girls are playing in the playtent.

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2007.11.23 05:28
More playtent play - Fiona is making Madeleine laugh hysterically again.

2007.11.24 11:06
Madeleine's first minigolf game

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2007.11.24 11:38
Fiona shows off her putting skills on the mini golf course.

2007.11.24 14:51
Having a little rest in one of mommy's pots.

2007.11.24 14:51
Madeleine LOVES playing in the kitchen.

2007.11.25 10:02
Near the bottom of Mount Tuahara, a strenuous 3 hour hike (up and back).

2007.11.25 10:25
This was a very difficult hike and on top of that we each had to carry a child up. Madeleine was pretty relaxed.

2007.11.25 11:20
At one point on the way up we walked through a narrow crevice.

2007.11.25 11:47
Finally - we made it to the top! And Heather had to carry 27 lb Fiona the whole way, but she never complained!

2007.11.25 11:48
Another beautiful day.

2007.11.25 11:49
Mount Tuahara is over 3000 ft high and we hiked from the bottom to the top.

2007.11.25 11:49
The ground is pretty far down there.

2007.11.25 11:53
That's Mount Ruapehu and Mount Tongariro in the distance beyond Lake Taupo.

2007.11.25 11:54
OK one last phot and then we're on our way back down.

2007.11.25 12:14
Back down through the crevice.

2007.11.25 12:46
Madeleine fell asleep on the way down. Must be nice!

2007.11.25 13:07
We've left the steep, rocky, wooded part of the hike and are back out on the open path - almost at the bottom now.

2007.11.25 13:26
The peak on the right is what we hiked up. Doesn't look so high from this angle but really, it was TOUGH.

2007.11.25 15:25
Before we left Lake Taupo we took a dip in the cold clear waters of the lake.

2007.11.25 15:26
Hi guys!