2009.03.10 17:44
As we pack up to move and sell off their toys, they have to improvise.

2009.03.10 17:46
Hey mom, I can stand so well!

2009.03.13 12:47
Graham has one last sit in the TV cabinet.

2009.03.13 12:47

2009.04.08 14:28
Here's a new place to sit and play.

2009.04.08 14:29
Both the kids enjoy any new cubbyhole to sit in.

2009.04.08 15:33
Madeleine grows a bubble beard.

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2009.04.09 20:37
Graham takes a few steps.

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2009.04.09 20:38
Graham takes a lot of steps!

2009.04.10 09:30
This is what Nancy had to do to pack, barricade the items to be packed.

2009.04.11 15:12
Graham going to be walking very soon.

2009.04.11 15:12
Getting steadier every day.

2009.04.12 08:29
We'll never find apples as good as we got every week from the Hamilton Farmers Market.

2009.04.12 08:29
Saying goodbye to the apple lady, Cheryl, and Jack. Our kids were raised on their phenomenally good apples and apple juice.

2009.04.12 15:10
Now we're down to just one or two "toys" for them to play with.

2009.04.13 19:03
Madeleine helps out her mom with the packing.

2009.04.14 09:55
Madeleine's not so sad about eating out every meal.

2009.04.14 16:47
We have a final dinner with our fabulous neighbors, Derek and Eileen.

2009.04.14 19:25
Bedtime for the last time in New Zealand.

2009.04.14 20:47
Nancy documents her donating away this backpack that was purchased in the early 1990s.

2009.04.15 06:27
Hey, what did Madeleine find to wear? This is the last photo we took in New Zealand. Oh so sad.

2009.05.25 01:29
To remember Nancy's favorite piggy purveyor.